Bush Hammering

From removing concrete laitance before basement waterproofing trough to providing a decorative finish to high end marble slab our bush hammering team is here to help.

Bush hammering

What Is Bush Hammering?

Bush hammering is the use of a high impact machine or by hand using a masonry tool to uniformly pit the concrete surface of a wall or floor. It is also a finish that’s applied to stone or other hard surfaces.

By repeatably impacting the material’s surface a rough, weathered texture is created. This can help enhance the natural tonal variations in the material and add more interest to a space.

Bush hammering is used on an existing concrete surface to  help new concrete or another flooring material bond better to the surface.

Also bush hammering can be used to create a texture that is suitable for virtually anywhere indoors or out. It’s a popular finish for flooring in wet environments as the slip resistance rating is greater than other finishes of the same material such as Scabbling.

Bush hammering can also be used to give a decorative rough finish to both stone and concrete.

Why Use Bush Hammering?

Bush hammering is a very powerful surface preparation method for walls and floors that can not only quicky remove surface contaminants such as paints but also remove and rough up the surface of the wall or floor. Roughing up a surface is an important step before applying waterproof coatings so as to allow a good key and bond that allows the waterproofing layer to bond to the substrate and to resist water pressure.

Bush hammering is also useful for projects where high pressure washing and the introduction of water into a building may not be appropriate.

Examples of where we use Bush Hammering:

Service Preparation company

Grind Blasters team of highly trained technicians Uses the latest high bush hammering equipment. Our CSCS qualified site teams work to demanding schedules to ensure that our bush hammering projects are completed on time and on budget.

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Good team to work with, they came well prepared and sorted the wall before our guys did the SIKA waterproofing. Would use again.