Floor Levelling

From reducing floor slab build ups in refurbishments to creating perfectly level floors in warehouses, Grind Blasters are here to help with your floor levelling projects.

Floor levelling

What Is Floor Levelling?

Grinding or cutting a concrete floor surface to remove high spots and level depressions using diamond cutting floor levelling equipment and diamond floor grinders.

For most surfaces, particularly uneven floors, we recommend use of a diamond floor grinder, this is a high-power machine designed to fully level and smooth a concrete surface. Floor grinders utilise horizontal discs which rapidly rotate to buff away inconsistencies in rough surfaces and edges.

Why is Floor Levelling needed?

The refurbishment of buildings often reveals old and uneven floors that need to be made level. Floor coatings such a paints or epoxies will often have a minimum and maximum application thickness that needs to be maintained for them to bond or cure correctly.

Examples of where we use Floor Levelling:

Service Preparation company

Grind Blasters team of highly trained technicians uses the latest floor grinding equipment.
Our CSCS qualified site teams work to demanding schedules to ensure that our floor levelling and floor grinding projects are completed on time and on budget.

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